Shaun Guerin "Live"

Shaun Guerin was an amazing live performer on drums and vocals. This CD is taken from his performances at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza in 2001 and
2002. Consisting of Shaun songs from his solo CDs, "By the Dark of Light" and "Epic Quality of Life" as well as two Kevin Gilbert songs from "Shaming of the Shrew" and a selection of Genesis tracks, Shaun and his ace band show conclusively that Shaun was more than able to duplicate his studio wizardry on stage.

Featured Musicians:
Shaun Guerin
John Thomas
Matt Brown
Scott Connor
Mark McCrite

Epic Qualtiy of Life
Not My World
The Edge of the Earth
By the Dark of Light
She's Sad
Run to Fall
Sing My Prayers
One for the Vine
Los Endos
and many others

AL.EN.CA. "Waterline"

Waterline I 4:27
Waterline II 5:34
Waterline III 4:28
Waterline IV 4:45
Waterline V 5.31
Waterline VI 4:47
Waterline VII 4:35
Waterline VIII 5:38
Waterline IX 4:24
Waterline X 5:22
Bach Prelude 3:17

AL.EN.CA. "Waterline"

Waterline is the creative product of Italian keyboardist/composer AL.EN.CA (Alex Enrico Carpani). Classically trained at the University of Bologna in composition and Piano, Carpani is in the tradition of
great Italian keybaord masters His fluid and inventive keyboards are accomapnied by an American rhythm
section adding rhythmic spice and intensity.

Waterline features artwork by Paul Whitehead, Contributing musicians include Guitarist John Thomas
(Shaun Guerin Band/ Clearlight/Graham Bonnet band), Drummer/percussionist Neil Bettencourt (Clearlight), Guitarist Tony Spada (Holding Pattern/solo), Guitarist Shelly Doty and Bassist Dan Shapiro (Clearlight/Shaun Guerin) . Waterline is due for release in July of 2005.

Pirate Tales include

The Sea People
Blackbeard's Ghost
The Ballad of Calico Jack and Mary Bonny
The Story of Whydah
The Unluckiest Pirate
Pathological Liar

Pirate Tales

Pirate Tales is a new type of product combining comic art and conceptual progressive music. Providing new
creative possibilities, Pirate Tales mixes progressive music (art rock, classic progressive rock and
progressive metal) accompanied by comic artwork that illustrates the lyrics and story done by each
individual band.

Stories of Piracy on the high seas have long provided fertile territory for fiction and imaginative
storytelling. The exploits and adventures.of William Kidd, Edward Teach, Barthalomew Roberts and others
have been burned into the collective imagination. Each band contributing to Pirate Tales will be basing
their music and lyrics on the legend and lore of Pirates from throughout the ages, past and future.
Participants include The Borg Symphony, ELP, Dream Aria, Skyfish, Wolfgang Temperance and Heavy the World.

Musicians and Artists: Interested in contributing to
Pirate Tales?
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